She was born in Nicosia in 1983. She has graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 2005, had a MBA degree from Eastern Mediterranean University in 2010. She has graduated from the Department of Photography and Videography of Anadolu University in 2016. During her university years, she became a member of the Photography Club and was introduced with a technical and artistic approach to the photography first time. She started to shoot regularly after becoming member of Cyprus Photographic Art Society (KIFSAD) in 2014. She discovered herself again while shooting, as she felt unlimited freedom on her self-expression. Since 2015, she has been focusing mainly on project based works. She enjoys taking photos in different categories, but especially of people with their emotions reflected on her photos and photojournalism works are her priorities. She has exhibited photos at national and international competitions and has received several awards. Her latest work 'The Dergah' is a photojournalism project and is carried out in partnership with Cahit Taşkıran. With this project, she participated in KIFSAD exhibition in consultancy of İsmail Gökçe in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2015 and in the Istanbul Photojournalism Festival organized by the Photography Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016.

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