The Dergah

According to the Islamic Sufism and Mysticism, the sequence is the spiritual connection to the God via Prophet through the sheikhs who lived in different historical periods. Sheikh Nazım Kıbrısi is the 40th sheikh as the leader of the Hakkani branch of Naqshbandi Tariqa in this sequence.

Sheikh Nazım, whose family roots are from Mevlevi and Kadiri tariqas, went to England and other countries to spread the doctrine of Islamic Sufism, and moved back to his home used as the dervish lodge (dergah) of the tariqa in Lefke, North Cyprus. Sheikh Nazim passed away on 2014. His tomb is at his home in Lefke. His elder son Sheikh Mehmet Adil took his place in the sequence.

Followers living seperately in the women and men sides of the lodge make a work sharing for food, cleaning, maintenance-repairment and farming to supply their daily requirements. In addition to the dervishes who live in the dervish lodge and Lefke, followers from different countries visit the tomb of Sheikh, pray and perform salaat, attend to the religious ceremonies like Zikir and Hadra.

The main reasons of coming to the dervish lodge by the visitors are for finding solutions to their problems, healing, making wishes and catharsis. Accommodation and other opportunities are supplied to the visitors coming for a limited time period. Donations of the followers are the important part of the lodge’s livelihood.

For this project, we went to Lefke and the dervish lodge for several times between January 2015 and March 2016 to make interviews with the family of Sheikh Nazim, dervishes, followers, visitors, to observe and photograph the life in and around the dervish lodge.

We thank Mr. Ismail Gökçe for his contributions to the planning, management, exhibition and presentation of our Project…

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